Healthcare Services

Capitalize on our expertise to develop uncharted revenue streams.

DM's portfolio of services supports the full spectrum of back-office processes for healthcare payers and providers. Our core specialization stems from the fact that we have experience spanning the entire life cycle of the claim, and the capability to leverage on the experience to enhance specific process deliverables. An in-depth knowledge of the claim through various stages of claim life, on both the provider & the payer domain provides us a unique perspective, and allows us to adopt a 360 degree view of the claim for optimum results. Our analytics and payment integrity solutions can help you capture more revenue, reduce waste and ensure contract compliance.

And because we are able to "measure" the impact of different functions on the claim, we are adept at "managing" these discrete and/or end-to-end functions in an efficient & effective manner. Our services have, over the years, added value to the client functions not just through our in-depth expertise in the specific functional area, but by borrowing on our experience of working on the preceding, succeeding, dependent & related functions.

case studies

Claims overpayment recovery services for a client located in Nashville.

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Revenue Cycle Management for one of our clients from NY.

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Claims Reconsideration for an established IPA in East coast.

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