360 Degree Approach

A "total" solution combining cutting edge technology with human investigative insights.

Data Marshall's core specialization stems from the fact that we have experience spanning the entire life cycle of the claim, and the capability to leverage on the experience to enhance specific process deliverables. An in-depth knowledge of the claim through various stages of claim life, on both the provider & the payer domains provides us a unique perspective, and allows us to adopt a 360 degree view of the claim for optimum results.

We view the entire claim life cycle as a comprehensive whole, and consider the provider & payer functions as inter-related & inter-dependent and not as distinct entities or functions. Our teams are therefore a judicious mix of resources with multi-functional expertise, and the ability to view a claim in its entirety. This approach allows us to adopt a holistic approach to the various claim functions, and leverage our expertise across the provider & payer domains to deliver improved results.

Our approach encompasses the role of the stakeholders in the entire process, the Patient, the Provider and the Payer and their corresponding impact on the claim reimbursements. Our team undertakes a meticulous review and analysis of the claims from each stakeholder perspective, to ensure the necessary details are available facilitating the appropriate reimbursement on each claim.

case studies

Claims overpayment recovery services for a client located in Nashville.

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Underpayments identified for a New York Based Hospital.

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Revenue Cycle Management for one of our client from NY.

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